Albaeco has been working since 1998 with strategic environmental communication, science communication and education. We do everything from classical press work and popular science writing to Web-TV, courses for companies and communication strategies.

Our goal is to translate complicated research findings into communicative insights on the interactions between nature, society and economy.

Among our customers: UNEP, Swedish Ministry of the Environment, House of Sweden, Sida, Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, SIWI, Norwegian EPA, Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm Environment Institute, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and The Swedish Research Council.

Aims of Albaeco

Albaeco’s mission is to communicate the latest in sustainability science with a focus on Nature’s importance to society and the economy. Albaeco spreads easy-to-grasp information on how human societies depend on functioning ecosystems, and how societies influence the capacity of ecosystems to sustain human well-being. The information is available for practical use by policy-makers, businesses, schools, media and the general public.

Channels of communication

Albaeco publishes news, from both national and international research bodies, on the website www.albaeco.com, and in the news blog SDU. Albaeco also informs media about upcoming seminars of interest, new research and other newsworthy items. Albaeco offers courses to politicians, businesses, schools and the public.


Albaeco is an independent non-profit organisation founded in 1998 by researchers in Natural Resource Management at Stockholm University together with representatives from advertising, media and business economics. Albaeco is connected to an extensive network of international researchers from both the natural and social sciences, through close collaboration with the Stockholm Resilience Centre , based at Stockholm University. Albaeco is an active partner of the Centre and assists researchers in their communications efforts to reach out with research findings to the media, politicians, government agencies and resource users at local, regional and international levels.


Christina Engfeldt (Chair)

Göran Gennvi

Jakob Lundberg

Joakim Edvardsson Reimar

Lisen Schultz

Maria Schultz

Christina Schaffer (subst)

Fredrik Moberg (subst)

Louise Hård af Segerstad (subst)



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